Thursday, January 3, 2008


After spending a few days touring Krakow, Nick wondered if we were going to spend the whole vacation sight-seeing. So we decided to change the pace a bit and took a bus to Zakopane, a winter resort in southern Poland's Tatras Mountains for a little skiing (Nick) and snowboarding (Alison). We were directed by the tourist information office to the Nosal slope, which had several short runs of varying difficulty - one of which was very steep. (We might have been better off at the Gubalowka, with a longer but gentler slope reached by a funicular. But for some reason the owner had the slope closed off for skiing.) Renting equipment and lift tickets was surprisingly inexpensive. It was a beautiful day to spend on the slopes in the fresh mountain air.

Nick's up there somewhere!

...and made it down safely.

Alison started on the training hill since she hadn't been on a snowboard in a long time, but worked her way up to longer runs.

Zakopane was a nice way to precede our visit to Auschwicz with Alison and Nick the next day. We saw things we hadn't seen during our first visit and it was still difficult. When we returned to Krakow, we had a very nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Cherubino.

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