Sunday, June 24, 2007

Crakow University of Economics

The Crakow University of Economics (or AEK - Akademii Ekonomicznej w Krakowie) was established in 1925, after World War I, when Poland had recently regained its independence. The young state was facing various economic problems, and identified a need for experts with advanced economic education and qualifications. Since then, the University has grown to become a well respected institution of higher education. Grand Valley State University has had an exchange program with the Crakow University of Economics since 1975.

Formerly the capital of the Polish Kingdom, Krakow is located in southern Poland on the banks of the Wisla River. It is less than three hours by train from Warsaw. The city of Krakow is the educational and cultural center of Poland, with a university (Jagiellonian) system founded in the 14th century. It has an abundance of museums, theatres, concerts, and festivals. Being one of the few major European cities that escaped total devastation during world War II, many of Krakow's original medieval structures still stand. UNESCO designates Krakow as a world historical site.