Wednesday, January 2, 2008

They're Here!

Alison and Nick arrived safe and sound on December 19 (though Nick's luggage did not....fortunately he packed a change of clothes in his carry-on, since it took 2 days for them to deliver his checked bag). We were able to rent the apartment across the hall from ours for them to stay in for the first few days they were in Krakow - though not nearly as nice as our place, it is convenient. It was so great to see them!!! I know it's been a while since I've posted on the blog, but that's because our apartment is in a University building and apparently when the school is on holiday, the computer services shut down as well so we didn't have any internet service. As you will read later, we also did some traveling. But for their first night here, we took them to a traditional Polish restaurant (Polskie Jadlo) and then let them rest. Not only do they have jet lag to deal with, but both have just finished their semester exams.

Alison at the Brama Florianska (Florianska Gate), what's left of the 14th century defensive walls of the city. When the walls were taken down in the 19th century, the medieval moat just outside the walls was filled in to creat a park circling the city, called The Planty.

The next day I had to do some work at the University, so I took them along to see where I work. Then we spent the afternoon touring Krakow....the Barbican (fort), the old town wall and Florianska gate, the old town market square (with St. Mary's church and the "cloth hall"), the "Royal Route" (Florianska and Grodzka streets), St. Francis' Basilica (with my favorite stained glass windows) and Jagiellonian University. Alison wasn't feeling well, so she and I went "home" while Nick and John went to our favorite pizza place. Not much snow, but it's VERY COLD!!!
The Barbacan, the 15th century fort built just outside the city's defensive walls.

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