Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vicki's Friends Come to Krakow

Vicki, LaDon, Kathy and Marg outside a very Polish restaurant (notice - there's no snow!)

How lucky am I to have three friends come visit me in Poland? After a very long flight (Grand Rapids to Detroit to Paris to Munich to Krakow), Marg, LaDon and Kathy arrived. Despite what the pictures might indicate, we didn't spend all our time in restaurants. They visited the salt mine one day when I was giving exams, visited the museum with a DaVinci and a Rembrandt, and they came to see my school. We walked all over old town Krakow - including many of the wonderful churches, visited the castle hill including the palace and cathedral, went to a Chopin concert in one of the old palaces off the main square...and we SHOPPED! What a great time!!

On the grounds of Krakow's castle, the Wawel

No, they're not drinking in bed - that's a traditional Polish restaurant!

Kathy, LaDon and Marg enjoying another restaurant, "Pod Baranum"

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