Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Last Week in Krakow

St. Mary's Church on the Rynek - one of the symbols of Krakow

We're not spending our last few days in Poland how we might have planned: John has a very bad cold so we've been sticking close to "home." I've been doing some work with a colleague here on a paper we'd like to write together; I've met a few afternoons with a Fulbrighter who just arrived for the spring semester; and also had a very nice session with the director of the MBA program where I was invited back to teach a class again next year. It makes it a little easier to leave knowing there's the possibility that I may be returning (though I hope it can be some other time than in January).

A stage has just been set up on the Rynek and several wooden kiosks have popped up. I thought this might be for an Easter market of some sort, but so far it's just Valentine's Day trinkets and food stalls . As you can see from the snow in the picture, below, winter has returned...
One of the kiosks on the Rynek selling a favorite snack - smoked sheep's cheese ("oscypek"), which is grilled and then served with a red current jam. Yummy!

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