Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1

Blowing bubbles in the Rynek is a sure sign of spring

We hear that the weather is cold and snowy back in Michigan, but it's great here. Cool (40s) and damp, but no heavy rain or blasts of wind. We spent the day just walking around Krakow, as we did last fall. Everyone is out and about enjoying the early spring (or winter thaw - not sure which it is).

The Bernardine church, down the hill from the Wawel Castle

I don't tire of touring the Wawel, especially on a sunny day

My favorite stained glass window in the Wawel Cathedral

A high school building we passed on our walk...

Just another gorgeous building along the way....

I decided I needed another wood bead necklace...

The "big head" in the main square

The Bonerowski Palace on the Rynek, where we attended a Chopin piano concert in a lovely upstairs salon.

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