Saturday, October 6, 2007

Jak sie masz? (What's happening?)

Mushrooms at the street market.

Well, "Jak sie masz?" might mean "How are you?" Perhaps "Co slychac?" is the right phrase.
Today was a shopping day: we started by taking a 30-minute tram ride to Tesco (a "hyper-market" much like Meijer) just to see if we could find it, how long it would take to travel there, and if the trip was worthwhile. Though we enjoyed wandering around and did buy some things (John bought two different kinds of smoked salmon; it took us a while to find salt and pepper) I think we've decided that we can pretty much get everything we need more conveniently at the smaller grocery store just down the street.

After returning to our apartment, we turned right around and went to the sort of permanent farmer's market that's a 10-15 minute walk from our place to get fruits, veggies, and some plants for the apartment.

We've been buying some gorgeous raspberries from a nice old woman just outside our apartment near the tram stop. She's there almost every day and only has a few quarts of raspberries to sell. I'm hoping that once the raspberries are done that she'll be there with something else. We're also hooked on the smoked sheep's milk cheese that the vendors sell here - it's great for snacking.

THEN we went to the nearby grocery store to get the heavy stuff: a 5-liter bottle of drinking water, juice, milk, yogurt....I've discovered that I really like kefir - it's like plain yogurt only thinner. Poured over those fresh raspberries for breakfast - yum!

Views of our kitchen (which got stocked today).

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Cathy said...

Hi John & Vicki,

I FINALLY read your blog & loved it. It sounds like you are having a great adventure! You, as well as Alison, Scott & friends are in our prayers. I tried to get ahold of Alison but didn't get her. I will try her again. We'd love to have her for dinner, or take some food to her if she's not up for socializing. If there is anything we can do please let me know!

with love, Cathy