Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First Classes at UEK

Things work a little differently here....students have the first 2 weeks of school to go to any classes they want to and then decide which classes they want to sign up for. I had about 50% more students in each class than the administrators had predicted for the first week, but who knows how many will return next week? Hard to figure out how many copies of information to make....It seems many of the students in the "English track" here are what the Poles would call foreign students - from the Ukraine or France or Germany....or??? I guess I'll find out. Interestingly, several students came to both my classes (Management Theory and Human Resource Management) ...they were probably trying to figure out which (if any) they wanted to continue on with. At the end of class, the students started tapping their pens/pencils on the desks....their version of an applause?

I was asked today to be a guest lecturer for the school director's classes (who will be attendeding several conferences over the next few months). Guess that's all part of the package! Should be interesting, as his classes are large lectures and I'm being asked to speak on "American business practices."

My office at the University is very comfortable and easy to work in.

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