Friday, September 14, 2007

Classes I'll Be Teaching

Cracow University of Economics

Monika drove us to AEK on Thursday to meet with people from the School of International Business Studies and the International MBA Program. When I sat down with Agnes from the International Business program, she basically asked me what I wanted to teach! I could specify how many classes I would teach, what the topics would be (all she asked is that they be different topics rather than several sections of the same), at what level (undergrad or graduate), whether I wanted two 45-minute classes per week or one 90-minute class for each course, when I want to teach them, and how many credits the course should be. Since I’d already been informed that the MBA school wanted me to teach a course, I requested teaching two classes in the International School (the Fulbright material said I was only obligated to teach three classes), one in Human Resource Management and the other in Management Theory (classes I regularly teach at Hope, so I have prepared lectures that I just need to adapt for this environment). Agnes will have to check the schedule before determining what day my classes will be, but she said she would try to schedule them both the same day and not too early in the morning! I love this woman!!

Then I met with Donata from the MBA school and she was just as great. The class I’ll be teaching for them is Change Implementation - something I’ll have to do much more preparation for, but it’s not scheduled until January so I’ll have plenty of time to get ready. Their classes are on the week-ends (six hours each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) since all the students work full time. I’ll be teaching 23 students (they go through the program together as a class) in the fourth semester (out of four) in their new English-track Executive MBA program.

The campus is very nice – a combination of beautiful old brick buildings, 1960’s-era, and a few more recent buildings.

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