Monday, December 10, 2007


"Molo" - the Sopot pier
Sopot (SOH-pot) - just a $1.00 ticket, 20-minute tram ride from Gdansk - and you're on the Baltic Sea at a gorgeous beach! In the summer it is the most popular resort on the Baltic coast and we were fortunate to have a lovely spring-like afternoon when we visited. The pier (called the Molo) is more than 1600 feet long - Europe's longest wooden pier. (Are you seeing a pattern here? Longest, oldest, largest......) Apparently in the summer there are vendors selling a particular type of waffle with whipped cream and fruit, but we didn't see any. There is also usually a charge to walk the pier and we were able to just walk on and stroll all the way to the end with no crowds. But we could imagine all the young people flocking to the beach and walking the pier in summer.....and it is a beautiful beach! (Almost as nice as Holland State Park on Lake Michigan.) They also have a "Grand Hotel" .... Sopot reminds me of a combination of Saugatuck, Mackinac Island and Balboa Island.

Sopot beach on the Baltic Sea

The Sopot Grand Hotel. We walked through the surprisingly small lobby and saw their very nice (and very large - it took up the whole lobby!) Christmas tree.

Sopot is listed as the place where "media personalities traditionally come to see and be seen".....I'm sure that's in the summer. But here I am (in my newly purchased Polish coat - with the pole at the end of the pier coming out of my head)!

John look much more like a "media celebrity"!!!

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